Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birds love Snow!

We got a snowstorm today, now it is raining, so it is all melting.
The birds seem to love snow and rain and they were all out today, so I tried to get some snow shots.
Unfortunately, the snow left blurry dots all over the photos, lol.
Mr. Red was visiting as usual, he always comes when I got outside.
I think the birds know that when I am out, there is food.
I took a few days break to wind down and rest my sore fingers, tomorrow it is back to my projects.


acorn hollow said...

your bird is a beauty. We are getting snow now 8-12 inches yeck I am ready for spring.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Good Morning! Your cardinal is a beauty. We too are getting snow. It started yesterday and should stop tonight. The birds get so hungry when it snows. They like that we have a birdbath with fresh water every day, too.

Allie said...

Beautiful pic! We're having rain here, and seriously warm temps - loving it!

mariebeers said...

We woke up to about 3" of snow and now it's foggy, so that means by tonight most of it will be melted. Yesterday was the same way which is unusal for us in this part of western Oregon.

Libby said...

Poor little bird - he looks *COLD*

Anna said...

what a beauty! I have never seen a cardinal...only it!

Cherry said...

Beautiful bird - would make an awesome quilt. Our temps have been so warm around here, yesterday it got to the 80s!!!

Linda said...

Looks like a post card!!!