Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Halloween Pattern!

I wanted to post pictures of the new gifts that I won in the contests, but I am still sick, this is the longest flu I have had and I got the cough too, so on cillin for that. I am hoping it kicks in soon and I can feel good enough to get out of the house before I go bonkers;) Today I finished a punch and started a locker hooked rug. I thought it would be something mindless to do and I need more rugs for the house.

So, instead of waiting till tomorrow after the contest (See below), I will let you know now. Since it is no fun losing and I can only pick one winner, I am giving a copy of my witch on the moon pattern, for you to use as a punch, hooked or an applique. I had planned on making patterns with her and the woodland witch, but never got around to that either.

You can use this pattern for your own personal use or to give as a gift, but I would prefer if you did not use it for sale.
Tomorrow night I will announce the winner of the contest, (see below, it is not too late to enter) and next week I will share the goodies that I received from the contests I won. Next month I will have another contest, near the end of the month, since it is my bday, so keep your eyes open for that.


paulette said...

Thanks Debbie,
That is very sweet of you! Hope you are feeling better soon! Do you think you have h1n1? It seems to be really going around now and can be nasty!
Take care!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Debbie sorry to hear your still not feeling well. Hope your feeling better very soon. Thanks for the pattern.

antique quilter said...

so sorry your still not feeling well
I would love to see and learn how to make a looker hook rug.
did you use a book to teach you?
or find instructions on line?
tell me more!

Gollywobbles said...

This is a cute pattern that I would love to snag. Thank you for the generous freebie, and I sure hope you feel better soon. Would love to see a sample of your locker project. I have the supplies to make one, but never got around to it. Maybe you could inspire me! Thanks! ~Sam

Karmen said...

I am so sorry you don't feel well. There is a lot of crud going around. I hope you feel better soon! I have a locker hooking book and want to try it someday, so I hope you post a picture of the new rug. Karmen

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Man o man you HAVE been sick for a long time. Feel better soon. Love the halloween witch!


WoolenSails said...

I found instructions online. Just type in how to locker hook or locker hooking and there are tutorials and videos you can watch.

Here is one that has two videos and good basics on starting and hooking.


primitivebettys said...

Wickedly cool Witch, Debbie! Thank you!

Oh goodness... I do wish you were feeling better. So sorry you are still suffering from the crud.

Hugs & Smiles,


Carole said...

What a cute pattern! I'm such a big fan of witches. As a matter of fact someone made me the most awesome hat! Hum... I should blog about it! Love your needle punch! You're so talented! Thanks for sharing!