Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More decorating from old items

I have been in a mood lately to clean and organize, so one way I do that, is to rearrange things.
I hate cleaning, but it has to be done and by changing things out, I get the cleaning done too;)

I decided since i have some old books, I would make a book and toy display. Of course, I had to use what I have, at least until I can find or make some items to add to it. I think some small samplers would look nice and have some ideas floating about.

My favorite book is the Aunties poems. My grandmother gave that to me. She won it in a spelling bee when she was in school.
It is dated 1892, so it is special to me. Unfortunately it has worm holes in the pages but is still in good condition. The Easter story was my dads. It is signed inside, giving as a gift from Sunday school, in 1938.

The stuffed kitties were my first ever cat dolls, as you can see;) The chalkboard in the back is one I painted years ago, who knew my bad painting would be called prim some day, lol.

The tins are repros, a TJ Maxx find. Kitty cucumber is not prim looking, but she is a school one, so thought it was good enough for now.

So, that is it for now. I do love the idea of finding an antique noah's ark, but that is doubtful. Maybe I can get my husband to make me one and then I can do the animals.


Tolentreasures said...

YOur display looks really nice!

Karmen said...

That is a really nice display! I love revisiting my favorite things.

Jacque. said...

Hey Debbie...that looks so great! I love all of what you have on there...and that it's not just stuff, but has meaning! Great job!

Jo James said...

Hi Debbie-
What a nice display! Love the kitty dolls.

You commented on my blog and asked what kinds of paint I use. Well, just plain ole craft acrylics.