Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wonderful prizes

I am usually not that lucky, but today I received another wonderful prize from a recent blogging contest.
Tak, Quilt in Me, recently held a contest and decided to have two winners.
Well, I was the lucky second winner and I feel like I won the grand prize. I was overwhelmed with her generosity.

First of all she sent me a beautiful quilted mat, that I had admired on her blog. I just love it and it fits my decor and colors perfectly. She even used pennies to represent game pieces. It is a mix of fabric and wools, so wonderfully prim. Did I mention, I love it! I guess I need to decide where to put it and start an antique game theme;)

And if that was not enough, she sent me luscious fabrics and wool and a beautiful doily. And to top it off, a Japanese rug hooking book.

The book is amazing, lot of creative designs and patterns to create hooked items and some with felted wool. I am going to have fun making the items and they will make great gifts too. Besides the cat in the photo, there is a another door stopper cat to make. I guess I better get busy finishing my projects so I can start the new ones;)


kelley said...

You hit the jackpot...

moosecraft said...

Awesome! Everything is gorgeous!!!! You're sooooo lucky! LOVE that gameboard mat!!!!! And the Japanese rug hooking book looks sooooo enticing! Enjoy!!!

Kathie said...

lucky, lucky you!
I was so hoping to win that one!
that book looks so interesting..
love the gameboard quilt looks wonderful in your home

primitivebettys said...

You have really gotten some GREAT goodies! :) You lucky girl!!

WoolenSails said...

I have gotten requests for the name of the book I got, but all it says is Rug Hooking. I can tell you the designer though and you can look her up. Her name is Yoko Saito and you can find other books on ebay written by her. She has wonderful designs.


Gayle said...

what wonderful treasures you got! I'll bet that Japanese book is interesting - I wonder where on earth she ever got it? Congratulations on your win!

Jacque said...

OH. My. Gosh! That is awesome...lucky you! Congrats!