Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A bit of redecorating with new and old

We have our floors finished, well all of the main ones, just the small bedroom is left and I use that as a crash pad for now;)
We spent the day shopping and hitting the antique consignments, but seems they were all closed on tuesday, figures.

I recently won a challenge and was given a beautiful hand made pottery bowl as a gift. It is hard to see in the picture, but I wanted to display it and have a bit of fall in the house. I decided I would make that the centerpiece and design around it.

I had no table topper and wanted something now, so I took an old table cloth that I had made years ago and cut off a piece to fit the table. I sewed the edge to leave a half inch for fraying. I frayed two sides, the others will fray on their own as I wash it. I put out some halloween things that I had in boxes and the filled the bowl with nuts and some little pumpkins that were also given to me as a gift for the challenge. But, the table still looked bare, so I went out in the back and cut some yellow berries from the vines that grow all over the fence.

I put a crazy quilt I made next to the chair, but I will have my husband make me a ladder to put in it's place, then I can add quilts as I make them. I am also working on a quilt to hang above the chair area, so the house is getting decorated slowly but surely. The rug in front is one I made for my sewing room, but I use an office chair and wheel around the room and the rug got in the way;) The chair pads are ones I made and do not match as you can see. I will be making braided mats for all the chairs, in red and black with some golds. We also will be putting up wainscoting and the sideboards, but can only do so much at a time.


Sheri said...

Debbie, the floors are beautiful. As is your fall vignette. I agree that a ladder would be great there with quilts on it. I have an old one in the main bath with towels on it. Keep up the good work!

Brenis said...

Ooh Debbie your floors look fantastic!! And i love your decorating! Those berries grow wild there? Lucky girl!!! It looks beautiful!!!! Wanna come do my house next??

Anonymous said...

Debbie, it looks great, so nice how you did the decorating.
I love reding your weblog, it's always a lot of inspiration.

WoolenSails said...

Thanks everyone,
That is my quickie decorating, grab things around the house and cut something from outside and voila, lol. I will start on the chair pads as soon as I can finish the rug that is due soon.

Betty, out neighbors have a wire fence along the edge from when the horses grazed in the back fields. The vines grow all over the place and twist together. I use the vines too, great door toppers. In the winter, they turn red, so i cut more for christmas. Sometimes I steal my other neighbors pine boughs for scent and decorating. He has huge trees and they grow over into my yard, so guess that part is mine, hehe.