Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Meanderings!

This weekend was a bust, I was just so tired from getting ready for the trip and being on the go, then coming home and having to do a ton of laundry. I wasn't about to bring anything upstairs until I washed it all;) Today I got the final things done and started on my sewing room, sewing really does build up a lot of dust and it was time to move a few things and do a good vacuum.

One thing I wanted to mention is, Denise, The Krazy Kraft Lady is offering a free pattern as a challenge. A primitive mouse that you can make into your own softer, any way you want. Her challenges are fun and it motivates us to try something new and be creative, so be sure to visit her page to get your pattern and join in, in the fun.

Here is Denise's mouse, he is so unique and a creative use of fiber arts. She made the body and use roving over that, love the look.

I thought you might like to see more of our travels in Maine. On the way up we took the highway and got off in Freeport. Once in Freeport, you have a nice ride along route 1, going through wonderful towns, over bridges and lots of water views.

I spied this old mill as we drove over a bridge and when my husband stopped for gas, I noticed the road to it, was right around the corner, so we went for a visit and short walk. I wanted to get better photos, but I was standing on a narrow ledge of the dam and the wind started blowing and I almost fell over;)

Bean was too excited about the trip to go to the bathroom at the rest stop, so when I saw Camden Hills park, I knew it was the perfect place to stop for a potty break and to stretch our legs.

The reason I wanted to go to Blue Hill is the diversity of the towns and parks. One park we went to, started on the water, went through woods and more water views and we even found an old cemetery and apple orchard hidden in the woods. The walk ended at a bridge connecting a small island, great place to stop and enjoy the views.

The next day we went to another town, Castine and spent most of the day there. The first stop was the harbor where Bean got to play with the other vacationing pups. This is the restaurant we ate at one year, they do not allow dogs, so no sweet steamers this time.

We drove around the scenic route and stopped at a lighthouse. It is now a private home, but there is a walk to the cliffs, but the stairs were too steep for Bean.

Then we went down the road and stopped at a park and hiked around the maine trail. This area was home to the french and they had areas with plaques for the regiments that camped there. It came to a beautiful lookout point, another perfect place to enjoy views and relax. The smell of pine was heavenly when we walked back through a pine forest.

We ended the day with a walk along the public beach. There was only two families there and a lot of beach, so I enjoyed a nice walk, barefoot in the cool water.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to maine. The area is a must if you are ever in Maine, the views are breath taking, the air refreshing and there is something for everyone to enjoy.


annie said...

great photos!

paulette said...

I LOVED your visit to Maine! Breathtaking photos!!

acorn hollow said...

It is beautiful there is really nothing like Maine.
I hope you are rested and feeling better.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Gorgeous pictures Debbie! I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation in Maine. I would love to go there some day. Have a great day.
Hugs, Lori

Sandi said...

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your visit there.

Looks like a wonderful time to recharge your spirit.

Karen said...

I would love to see the mill in person.

Fiona said...

you do capture lovely scenery on your walks...

moosecraft said...

The pictures you took are wonderful! I can almost smell all the fresh air there! Now you have plenty of time to research a different place to stay at in that area next year... or maybe even plan a trip back there in the fall...

Jennie in GA said...

Lovely....and it sounds as though Bean had a nice holiday, too.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Someday I'll get there - it's been on my bucket list forever!!! Your pictures are gorgeous.