Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Finish!

It is friday and I have been going non stop all week, trying to get ready for our trip. For those who don't know, I have food allergies, so I have to plan around that, one thing is making 4 batches of cookies. They are oatmeal with grated apple, so they are my snack food and somewhat healthy and I do eat a lot of them;)

I saved some fruit salad for a lunch snack on the drive, dried pineapple and I froze fried rice with chicken for our first night dinner. Sunday we may go out, for our anniversary, but it all depends on how I feel. There are lots of places that have lobster and I love being able to sit out on the deck and enjoy dinner while we watch the boats in the harbor, but it also might rain, so we shall see.

No big plans, just resting and enjoying the house and the area, lots of walks and some hikes, Bean will love that. Today I got everything left to do, done. Bedding is cleaned, laundry is done, garden watered and the list goes on. I still have to vacuum, it is humid today and it is still humid, but it should cool down, soon.

This week Buttermilk Basin released her new BOM, I love doing these, easy to get ready and I can sew it up while I watch tv. And did you know, she is hosting another blog hop and a new design each day, so you don't want to miss this one. Not the best photo, my flash was acting up again, I think I need to complain. It was a less expensive one, but I would it expect to work right.

That reminds me, I need to clean my camera and charge my small one;)

And of course Bean, he has his own bag packed, filled with toys and goodies for the trip as well as a travel bag for the car ride. I was in a store and saw a life jacket on sale so I had to get it. I have no idea if he will go paddling with us, but at least I have one now and if we decide to go sailing, he can wear it on the boat. It has handles so if he does fall over, we can grab him and pull him in. He does not like wearing it;)

We are supposed to have WiFi so I will try and post each day with photos. I am nervous about going, I will either be able to relax and take my  mind off of things for the week or freak out and come running home, but I have never going to Maine where I didn't feel better once I crossed the state line.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and hopefully the next posts will be from Maine.


marie said...

Leave your worries behind and have a great trip.

Terry said...

Your little applique is beautiful! Have a great trip! :0)

Vicki W said...

I feel your pain. We (Chris) have to prepare all of my food when I travel. He even prepares food for me to have at home when he travels. He knows that I'd eat bacon and popcorn and chocolate if he didn't!

annie said...

Have a great trip!
I love her blocks!
He looks so cute in his jacket.

annie said...

Have a great trip!
I love her blocks!
He looks so cute in his jacket.

Saundra said...

Set your mind on 'chill' and enjoy the less hot, humid weather, the wonderful sounds and smells. Sounds like you've prepared for all situations and ready to go have fun.

acorn hollow said...

Have a wonderful trip we are sunny and beautiful today but rain coming in for father's day. relax and enjoy.

Sandi said...

Enjoy your time away and have fun taking pictures and exploring.

Is the crow and strawberry your design, or did you combine two patterns from the blog hop to make it?

Enjoy Bean as he discovers new territory and adventures. I'm sure you have some wonderful stories to share with us,

Fiona said...

hopefully you are all ready and packed now and I do so hope you can relax and restore a bit...

sandi s said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Hugs,

Farmhouse prims said...

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing trip. I always like to take a project with me when I go somewhere. And how cute that Bean has a backpack too, adorable. hugs, Lecia

Miccosukee said...

If anyone needs to take a break and sit relaxing on a porch and just drinking in the beauty around them and de-stressing -- it is you.

This year so far hasn't brought you as much joy as your friends would wish for you. You have struggled and persevered and are coming out stronger.

Head off to Maine and enjoying yourself (and those others you are allowing to accompany you). Take lots of pictures but if there is no Wi-Fi, we will be here when you come back.

Our love and good wishes go with you!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Ooh love that finish!!! And look, a life jacket for Bean - how awesome is that. I hope you do get out on the water with him. He'll get used to it, I'm sure....I hope you're having a wonderful relaxing time Debbie!

Tammy Franck said...

Have a wonderful trip!!! Can't wait to see your photos of Maine!