Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Drive!

It was a nice day, and with a storm going by in the atlantic, it was the perfect day to go to the lighthouse and watch the waves.

These first two things are what I call, dumb things to do during a storm.

Does this look like a good way to fish?

There were lots of people sailing, perfect winds for that, but ski doing in the waves around the rocks, not my idea of smart.

But it did look fun and great way to catch some air.

Speaking of catching some air, the seagulls were loving it. 

We decided to drive to the other side of the island. The cove here is a bit quieter and a lot of divers come to explore the coves.

We walked up a path to the top of the old forts and got a beautiful view of Newport Harbor.

Then it was home for a cookout with my son. My DIL had to work, but Billy bought over photos and a CD for us, of the wedding.

Here is one of the professional photos, beautiful shot of them both.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


paulette said...

Dumb is right...but what beautiful shot of the fisherman...being swept out to sea! YIKES! What a gorgeous bride and groom...and what a spectacular church!! Wow!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful scenery but like you, I'm always amazed about how dumb some folks are!
Beautiful pic of the pride and groom!

cucki said...

Lovely sea pictures...And such a Sweet couple xxx

moosecraft said...

What a great wedding pic! They look so happy and peaceful together!

Great water pics too! NJ is having major rip tides from the storms... this time of year is always crazy at the water...

Melody said...

Fabulous photos, lovely wedding shot. I agree some people are pretty foolish and then others have to risk their lives to rescue them.

Deb said...

I love your pictures - such wonderful scenery, but what is that man thinking standing out there and fishing like that. Wonderful picture of the bride and groom too!

Allie said...

What the heck is that guy thinking, lol! Scares me just to look. LOVE the pic of your son and his beautiful bride!