Monday, February 8, 2010

Izzy is learning bad habits

I was too lazy to take pictures of the new blocks I made, so you are stuck seeing my obnoxious kitties, once again. I also worked on a cross stitch piece for fun, mostly hand drawn, so I will take photos of those to show you, tomorrow.

The other day I noticed some pillow cases on the floor and wondering how they got there.
Then one night I was getting ready for bed and getting a washcloth and there was Dora on the top shelf with the sheets.
And as you can see, I do not fold nicely, I bunch them up and throw them on the shelf;)

I love my kitties, but I do like my sheets, hair free and clean. If I do not close doors tight enough, Dora opens them. I spend half my day closing doors, drawers and cabinets. I guess someone didn't shut it tight enough and the next day, guess who I found copying her adopted sister. Izzy loves Dora and wants to do everything she does, but she does respect Dora's space and took the next shelf down.


Jacque. said...

Love your cat stories, obnoxious or not. {grin}

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they are precious..our one kitty Millie loves to sleep on the clean towels..right now her favorite spot is on my fabrics..i did put a blanket on the fabric so it stays hair free..the love to be snug little ones..and yours are adorable..:)

Brenda said...

Oh boy, you have to be pretty heartless to scoot those babies off the shelf. Guess you should just get used to hairy towels and sheets, LOL! They're too cute to disturb...I love it!

Gathering Goodies said...

What a beautiful cat...I don't have a cat now..They are great pets. Love your blog..I also loved those little ticking cats you made.
Sue mc

Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

Awww wee fuzzballs...When I move soon I want to get a miss the hugging & cuddlin. Susan

Joanne said...

Too funny Debbie - same thing happens here (and by the way I fold my sheets the same way you do! No matter how hard I try it never works "neatly" for me.) They are not obnoxious - they are adorable

Kim D. said...

Too cute, we have to love em..

Prim2Pink said...

Oh Bad Bad Kitties! hehehe Don't you just love em though?

Dana said...

Hello Debbie!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment, too. I wish you all the best in my give-away!

I had to giggle about your kitties. Ours do the same thing. Our one cat knows how to open the cupboard doors and he likes to sleep on our bath towels under the sink. One morning, he startled my hubby when he came yawning and stretching out of the cabinet ... hubby didn't know he had been sleeping in there. ;~)

Loved seeing the pics of your cuties ... have a fabulous day!


Ruth said...

Thank goodness my two Yorkies can't jump or open doors! =0)

kelley said...

love these two photos...they look just right on the sheets and least it's not your wool this time!