Monday, December 22, 2008

Quilting with Dora

I got the brilliant idea to make a quilt for my daughter and started it last week, not the smartest move;)
I did fine on the applique, but then I needed to quilt the top and of course put it off till yesterday. Then people stopped by and people call and machine acts up, but I finally finished it today. I made a mess of it, never again will I make a quilt in a rush. The quilt is wonky, so all the bad stitching blends in;)

Of course Dora decided to help by testing out it's comfort level. She loved winding bobbins and playing with the empty ones.
Now I need to bind it and see if a wash and dry makes it look better, hehe.

Just finished a punch I am making for my DIL, just need to finish the edge and put it on a basket tomorrow. Then Maybe I can slip out for some last minute shopping and on wednesday, it is cooking and more cleaning. Then maybe I can rest, but doubt it;)


Joanne said...

Debbie - did you ever notice in the quilting magazines the quilts always show pictures of a cat laying on them? I have pointed this out to my "cat hating" mother who is a quilter numerous times! I keep telling her she needs a cat to "test" the quilts (Believe me she's not amused by the comment! LOL). That Dora has really taken over your house hasn't she!

Brenis said...

Debbie - from what i can see the quilt looks awesome!!! And that impy lil' Dora still cracks me up!! She needs to come visit me sometime! :)
Sounds like you pulled one of those "things i do"! lol I swear... 2 days IS ENOUGH time to make a quilt!!! LOLOL Congrats on getting it done Deb!! Or at least mostly done! LOL
Hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas my friend!!
xo Bren