Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Rug Project

I have been busy finishing projects. One being a UFO challenge. We had to pick a pattern we never made and finish it. Since I make my own patterns, I used one I made years ago and never bothered to do. It was on rug warp, so it was a pain in the neck to hook, I only use linen now. This is what I ended up with, I still want to redo things and working on shading, so hopefully it will be better when I am done playing with it. I cannot get true colors with the red background, it is not as bright as it looks. THe original pattern was from a postcard and I decided to make the kitty look a bit like Dora, not an exact likeness, but some similarities.

Well, I was going to show some more pictures, but blogger is being finicky tonight and it is late, so they will have to wait.

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Brenis said...

:-o !! You got it done!!!