Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Two: Wool cutting marathon

Well, the good news is a few more boards and the floors will be done, yeh!
Spent the day cutting again and got more done today and only about 5 more jackets to go.

With all the noise going on, Casey and Dora hid out with me, but Casey was not amused by Dora's antics.

Dora decided the pile was more fun to play in, as you can see. Isn't she the cutest thing:)

Then it was onto the mattress I was sitting and cutting on, she decided to help with tearing some wool apart.

After all that hard work and play, Dora decided it was time for some rest and what better place to nap than a big bag filled with discarded wools.

And this is the result of all that cutting. It is alot of work, but I got a great selection of wools for hooking, braiding and rag rugs. If you consider that I pay a dollar an item, that pile of wool would have cost me a bundle if I had bought it new. Some wools will stay as is and others will be over dyed. The ugly pinks will become a deep prim rose for a new rug I am planning.


Jacque said...

WOW...that's a LOT of wool!!! Cute Dora photos...keep 'em coming!

WoolenSails said...

Hey, I have to be prepared for the wool shortage, lol.
When I first started thrifting, I grabbed any wool, and ended up with stiff and thin wools, so I was going to just chuck them, but now I realize they make great rag rugs and the thicker ones can go into braided rugs.

I will be hooking a large rug, and using all the good wools I have been saving for it, but need lots of quick rugs and ones that I can beat up and not care, so wool rag rugs are a good alternative for those areas.


Sheri said...

I live dangerously close to the Salvation Army and the Disabled Vets thrift stores. I can't drive by without stopping in just in case the "perfect" piece of wool is there. I don't think I've ever left empty handed. I'm getting pretty fast at tearing clothes apart. I have a system for the pants and jackets. (Just the sleeves and backs of blazers) I'm saving all the wool that is too heavy or too light for hooking. I don't know what for, but what if I need it for something? LOL

JoJo said...

Now THAT'S a huge pile of wool. Doesn't it give you a nice, warm feeling to have all that wool cut up and ready to go?

And Dora? Adorable! I've never been able to figure out what it is about a pile of wool that entices them to snuggle in and curl up?

WoolenSails said...

I only keep the sleeves and backs too, ripping linings off is not worth it. The thicker wools are great for pennies, backs of other projects and braiding. If I really love a thicker wool, I cut it one size smaller than the rest. It is also great for eyes, you can cut small cuts and it won't fall apart.

Even the dog loves it, he will lay in the pile if it is on the floor.


Brenis said...

wow Deb! I know what a ton of work that was!! We only have a couple of thrift shops here, and they have decided apparently that $10-$12 is a good price for ANY of their clothes! LOL that's not exactly "thrifty" in my opinion! So I don't get to tear into jackets and pants anymore. Kind of a bummer! Because you can find some of the coolest textures in those mens jackets!! Anyway... i just wanted to say JOB WELL DONE!!!! Lots of work!!! And that Dora.... rofl.... whatta ham!! I love her and want to adopt her!! So if you EVER get tired of her, I will arrange for a flight out to aunty bren's!! :D

WoolenSails said...

I think thrift stores forgot the operative word, "Thrift". LOL I only go on dollar day, so well worth it then. If you take Dora, you can have her claws too, she loves using them;)


primitivebettys said...

Your lil' buddies are sooooo sweet! You got a good bunch o' wool there! :)