Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cat Antics

I thought I would take a nice warm bath and read a magazine to relax. It took about five minutes before I heard things falling on the floor and knew the yellow furry girl was at it again. Of course when I came out, I got that look again. No, she would never do that.

Then Casey had to check it out and Dora sat on the chest and tried to tell me he did it, haha. He had an alibi, he was in the bathroom with me.

This week my son is moving into a new apartment that doesn't take pets. He wants me to take his cat, but we call her "Psycho Kitty". When ever she has come over, she hisses and charges at us. So far she is hiding out in the basement, but Dora has decided we got her just for her. Dora spends her free time harassing her and chasing her, so it has calmed their cat down some. It finally met up with a cat crazier than her. Today she did touch the dogs nose, so she is getting braver and figuring out that hissing and being mean will get her no where in this house. I guess I should ask my son what her name is, lol.



Betweens said...

the joy of furbabies is that they really keep you entertained...they are all adorable.. I love your pics and stories

Jacque said...

Oh, that naughty Dora! What a funny girl! Poor Casey...well, at least you KNOW he was with you! haha. Psycho kitty? YIKES! But, sounds as if that might work out. Fun for Dora, meanwhile. Gotta love them for being entertaining, hey?

JoJo said...

What a nice way to start the day! I brought up your blog and immediately started to chuckle! Your Dora and my cats would get along famously. I lay in bed at night and listen to the cats bump, rattle and roll whatever they can get their paws on --- even eachother. I can't tell you how many times I've come to the kitchen in the morning to be greeted by what "appears" to be a snowstorm. Snowy and/or Biscuit got bored and pulled the napkins down and shredded them!

I LOVE the looks of your son's cat. Psycho kitty, huh? It sounds to me like she might end up having a lot of fun with Dora and Casey. You never know but I'll wish you good luck with integrating her into your household.

WoolenSails said...

Well, today she was meowing to me and wanting to come to me, then Dora had to get into the action. Dora is not a year yet, and very territorial. She is friendly and playful, but in a bossy way;)


Miz T. said...

I'll just bet that after a few weeks "psycho kitty" will find her niche and you'll get attached to her. There is seldom true peace in a household with animals. They are always getting into mischief. And after all, it IS Halloween! They're chasing ghosts away (and tearing your house apart in the process). I have a feeling when your son tells you her'll still call her psycho!

WoolenSails said...

Well, guess I am not loosing my memory after all, they never named her. Psycho kitty does fit her though, lol.
Will have to see what type of personality she develops and find a name that suits her.


kelley said...

Love the pics Deb...what would we do with out our little buddies to keep us on our toes...Dora looks like such an innocent girl...and Casey...give him a big hug from me for putting up with two female cats now