Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday this and that!

This week Bill was home for half of it, so I didn't get any of my projects done. I did make more masks. I got a request when someone saw mine, so I made up a big batch that I can take in and hopefully sell to others at the trailer place. This way I can pay for my supplies and give away masks to others who cannot afford them.

I was able to go to a local quilt shop and they had a lot of fun fabrics, but I had to go quick, tell her what I wanted and get out, lol. They only took in one at a time so it kept others from waiting. Though the lady before me was taking her time and getting lots of fabric. I did get two nice ones, a fun camping print and flags. I also got some eagles and native American from Walmart, the only two bolts they had, but great prints.

We also had a day at the beach, but the other glass collector was leaving just as we came in, so I know she got all the surface pieces, but I was still able to find a nice collection.

 And we got to spend the day with the boys. They were full of energy and having a wonderful time at the boys camp, they really needed a day out. They both love jumping but Alex doesn't understand that you are supposed to say catch, before you jump into someone, lol. Luckily grandpa has quick reflexes.

And they explored and played with items they found on the beach. Alex enjoyed throwing sticks and logs into the water, then he would say, bye bye. One log was a bit too big and heavy to throw, but he tried with all his might.

And we had some quiet time so grandma could rest, and of course the boys had to be goofy for the camera.

And the next day we went hiking with Bean. We found a new place that went along a river and then into a farm field. The birds are what we spotted along the way and the bridge is from the next hike.

Since we were in the area, we checked out another hiking area and decided to try that one too. Another one that was wooded and ran along the river and no people. We even stumbled onto an old cemetery from the original owners of the land.

And to top our week off, we are not getting the big trailer, but were able to get a new class C that had just come in. Our dealer gave us first dibs and it is just the right size to go on adventures with and take the boys out for day trips and weekends. I was apprehensive about having to find good spots for a large trailer and the fact that we cannot camp right now, so now we can do day camping and just have fun and still camp when they open again. It will also be nice because I can bring our food and have picnics while we watch the sunset or stop for lunch on long drives, especially if we take the boys with us, much easier than hours in a back seat.

I hope you all have a good weekend and prayers that this virus dies out soon and we can all get back to a new normal.


acorn hollow said...

Great adventures and getting to see the boys makes for a perfect week.Your new camper I am sure will get lots of use it seems perfect for your uses.

Fiona said...

lovely to get out and about.... great to have a new camper to explore the neighbourhood with...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats on the new camper. May you make many memories in it!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love all the pictures, especially the ones with the boys. Wow, they are getting big! The camper should be a good move. Looking forward to enjoying more of your adventures.

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TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations on finally getting a camper! Perhaps things all worked out for the best. Several of our friends have the large RV's (one even has a fireplace in it LOL)...They get their use out of them as they go (or should I say "went"?) all over with them...but they would never work for the day expeditions and such that you describe. I think yours is much more user-friendly. How excited the boys must be! Oh...that cemetery would be awesome to discover!! Lucky you! I really love that paw print fabric and the red bandana one. Take good care...and happy belated Memorial Day ~ Robin~

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

You have been busy! I love the sea glass. Our Walmart has no fabric, or thread. Shelves are all cleared off. Loved all the pix! Have a happy weekend!