Monday, March 20, 2017

Stitcheries and Scenery!

This week I received a newsletter and noticed a free stitchery. I realized that it is a monthly stitchery and each one has an inspirational saying. I missed two, but was able to still get them, so if you are interested, you can get all of them still, to catch up.

This is the latest one, I worked backwards. I think it will make a nice gift and I am doing mine in a smaller version for either a wall hanging or lap quilt. I left some extra, my blocks will be around 5" and maybe a red floral print for sashing. You can find the designs at Suzy's Sitcom.

My latest fall has put me in more pain, so I can only do so much. Today it is mostly rest. This weekend I really had to get out of the house so we drove to the light house. It was a bit windy and cool, but it felt so nice to get out in the fresh air and walk around the circle.

I took a close up, wide angle of the light tower. We ran into a man who liked to talk and told us about his dad who ran the lighthouse at one time.

Lots of people like to bike in the area, too many hills for me. You do not want to be going by, when the fog horns go off.

On the way back we passed one of the many farms and I saw a scene, I had to stop and get a shot of. The goats were all trying to get at the hay pile, but I couldn't get close up, lots of wire fencing and a large dog who was guarding them. I would love to live on a  farm like this, they are on the salt water inlets and have amazing views of the bays on both sides.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and an amazing week.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week I made a new piece and made another bunny. The new one is an idea I got from an old postcard. I wanted to try something more 3D, so I used varying heights to have the bunny coming out of the egg.

It is hard to see in a photo, but you can get an idea that there is depth and in person, the bunny is hooked much higher so he sticks out of the egg. I made a few mistakes, and things I would do differently. Right now my arm is killing me and to add to that, I slipped on the snow when I was kicking Bean's ball and slipped, resulting in a slam to the back. So, I am resting for tonight and will see how I feel tomorrow, I don't think I can take one more injury, I am sore enough, lol.

If I feel better, I may do another bunny egg. Not sure if people would be interested in a pattern for this one, but I thought it was a good way to learn about doing depth in a piece.

I also made a larger bunny, they are so fun to make, wish I could make a lot more. I realized I need to rest my arm more or it will never heal, but it is so hard to just sit still;) This one is my favorite, I will keep him for me. I added a bow tie and wood buttons from an old jacket. Flower button are also a fun way to embellish him.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Looks like more snow coming our way, so no long outings this weekend.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Ugly Angel: Free Pattern!

I wanted to try an angel and I found a wonderful pattern by CatNap Primitives. She also has a free bunny and other wonderful patterns are reasonable prices. It is a freebie offered on her site, at Patternmart.  If you click on the main menu for patterns, click on free and you will find a lot of other free patterns. I like the idea of making my own but I wanted to try some simple dolls and techniques to get some practice in, it's been a while since I have made dolls.

The original pattern is for a tree top angel, but I wanted to make it for spring, so I changed it up a bit. Then I decided to make a satchel bag to hold flowers, but I made a mess of that. I plan on making a calico one to replace it. It was fun to make, but I definitely need practice on my stitched mouths. I think it would be fun to make them as gifts and customize them, to fit the personality and tastes of the person who receives them, so I will have to work on some of my own ideas. I do have doll patterns and a doll clothing book so I can do different styles.

Another mistake I made is, I forgot, if you wet the piece first, do not saturate it with stain, it tends to pull up in blobs. I was able to tone it down a bit by rinsing it back out.

Tomorrow we are getting a storm. It was a blizzard, then a storm, then it went from 15" down to 6" in our area, so I am not complaining. But, we all know weather has a mind of it's own, so we shall see how bad it gets. Of course I had to get out for supplies, crafting ones, lol. Today we got food items so we are all set. I hope everyone stays safe and warm if you are in the storm's path.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Bunny Pattern!

This week I was in the mood to make something new and fun, so I made up some Bunnies. I got such a great response from them on Facebook and requests for a pattern, that I made one. I wanted to make something I could use up my scraps on and the quilted bunny uses lots of different colors and the second bunny uses white and brown shades. I also did each one differently and added how I did them in the directions.

I hope you like the new bunnies, they are 5" tall and I antiqued them. If you are interested in making your own, you can order the pattern with the link on the left column.

I had so much fun making them, so I gave myself a rest day, they are hard on my arm. Today I made another one that is 6" tall. I did it in the crazy quilt style, but on this I made a different nose, a raised, punched version. I think I could make a lot more if my arm wasn't hurting and a lot of people want me to make them some, so maybe next week. These are great to make for yourself or shows and make extra for your friends.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. We had snow today and cold all weekend, so maybe a ride. My son's birthday was this week so we are having them over for dinner on Sunday.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Work and Wanderings!

The fun thing about a new month is a new design from Kathy, from her One Stitch at a Time Club. This month was a fun spring design and it was something nice that I could work on this weekend and finish today.

I Colored in the bee black and yellow with my art markers, I like the touch of color. I also added the saying. I think this would be a fun inspirational piece for someone who needs a lift, during a bad time. I also added some lavender so I can use it as a sachet, as well.

My flash was acting up, so I had a hard time getting a good shot.

I also realized that I forgot something on my new bunny piece. I forgot his whiskers. I wanted to add them last, so the good thing was, I could add them on with a needle. They are not permanent, but I like how it gives it a 3D look.

Saturday Bill was sick again, so we stayed home and he rested. On Sunday I wanted to get out so we took a ride to Connecticut, so we could enjoy the views from the car, it was cold out. We sat for awhile and watched the boats coming and going, the ferry coming in and a fishing boat, going out.

As we drove out, I noticed the college, it is an extension of UConn for Marine studies. The grounds are beautiful and they have a lot of beautiful old stone buildings, so we drove in and took a look around.

This is the Branford House Mansion, now it is used for weddings and other venues and you are allowed to walk around the grounds. The bad thing is, the geese leave messes all over, so you have to watch where you walk, lol. You can see the moon, up above.

There is also a small lighthouse on the grounds and the perfect place to enjoy the views of Long Island sound. It was nice to get out and nice to see something new, I will definitely go back when it is warmer. I couldn't get great photos since my fingers were freezing. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Catch of the Day! New Pattern.

This week I worked on a new pattern, I had in the works. I had to wear a wrist and elbow brace so that helped, but I think my punching suffered a bit and I really need to rest my arm this weekend, so light stitching for me.

The finished piece is 6" x 5 1/4" and it was a fun piece to do. The pattern is done in punch needle, but my patterns can be done in rug hooking, stitchery or appliqué, as well. You can order the pattern with the link to the left or visit my ecrater store. As a bonus, anyone who orders a pattern this weekend, can pick a free pattern of their choice, of equal or lesser value. Just let me know on the order form in the comment section, which pattern you would like.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We have cold weather coming in, so no walks, maybe a nice ride and we can enjoy the views from the car.