Monday, September 11, 2017

My Week in Review!

( I had my store closed, while we were away, so for those who wanted to order and couldn't, it is open again)

We had quite the week, not much down time but time on the beach, relaxing and enjoying the views. We had lots of action with high surf and nights watching sunsets and the moonrise. Bean of course, loved it all, he made lots of friends and for the first time, jumped in and swam to retrieve a ball. Of course he would not do that for me, but for his new friend and mom who threw the ball for him. Bean is just a show off.

Bill kept Bean occupied so I could get photos. Low tides are the best time when the shorebirds come to eat on the pickings that are left on the shore.

We spent our days at the beach, Bean played and Bill played chicken with the incoming waves that came flying over the breakers.

We also roamed the rocky beaches by the lighthouse. A great place to collect new rocks to paint and a place to enjoy other's rock art. The rock protruding from the water, reminds me of King Kong climbing up to shore, lol.

The surfers were out in force, on both sides of the point.

We watched boats go by, this guy was getting quite the ride with the waves and wind.

And of course, we saw beautiful sunsets each night.

I love the solitude of these shots, with the birds in one and the man in this one.

And my first ever moon shot, where you can see the craters. Not bad for hand held, with winds and sea spray. The bad thing......I had to get up on a rock ledge to get shots and I asked Bill to keep me from falling, but.... he pushed me and I went flying into the rock and bashed my head, with my sunglasses so they jammed into my head and I banged my knee. But, I can still walk and I am hard headed, lol, and I got a great shot that night.

We decided not to leave in the morning so left, late that afternoon, so we could get home and eat and get some things done. Then Sunday we took a ride to Connecticut to go apple picking. Not only did we get apples, but they had pears and nectarines. The farm fields are so big that they give you tractor rides to the orchards that are open for picking.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and for those in the path of the storm, that you made it through, safe and sound.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!!! Love how you made a montage (or is it a collage)?
Hugs :)

Sandi said...

Wonderful pictures yet again Debbie, you are becoming one with your camera! Love the first collection with the shore birds they are wonderful.

Bean always gives you some great action shots along with those surfers. I'm sure the surf will be good with the remnants of the Hurricanes heading up your way eventually.

I think my all time favourite is the first sunset one with the seagulls in the shot.

We're finally back to blue skies after a bit of rain on Friday and a bit more in Saturday, cooler temps although today warmed up.

Take it easy I hope your bangs and bruises heal up soon. Hope you have a good week.

Julie Fukuda said...

Lots of great pictures ... good moon shot in spite of the fall. Hope there will be no lasting problem as knees tend to remember former insults.

Karen said...

Did you make the pile of rocks that are in a heart shape? Sweet.

Fiona said...

lovely pictures and beautiful sea views... what's with Bill pushing you onto rocks? - oh dear .... hope your bumps feel better soon...


Anna Bates said...

love the photos and makes me want to add you neighborhood to my must travel and see list!!!

acorn hollow said...

Looks wonderful glad you had a great time.