Friday, February 25, 2011

Antique Cat and Dog

I decided to make a pattern for the reproduction rug that I made.
I made it for a group project and thought my viewers and pattern buyers might like to make this piece too and at a reduced price. I am offering it for only 3.00. You will get a jpeg file with a photo of the rug and the pattern itself. You can use it as is, or reduce it for punch, or enlarge for a rug, it is up to you. There are no instructions or color charts with this item.

A great design and project if you are looking for something new to do this weekend. You can find the pattern at my eCRATER site or at the link on the left.

Let me know what you think of patterns like this, simple but for less.
Or do you prefer the full pdf files? With patterns that I do in punch, I have to do larger files to include color charts and instructions, but if you like the idea of patterns for less, let me know and i can do more in the future.

This is the rug that I made, before I trimmed and and cleaned it up. I have it on my floor, but it gets heavy traffic, so needs a good clean and some rehooking from kitty claws.


Linda said...

Love it! Looks like it could be Scooter and Sarge. LOL! My personal preference with patterns is I like more. I like lots of description and detail, but that's me.

Jacque. said...

oh, I remember this! I actually had it more than half-done before I quit working on it and got involved in quilting. It's a great pattern! I have no opinion on anything else right now. Sorry.

primitivebettys said...

Oh Debbie! I've loved this pattern since the first time I saw it! My finished rug hangs in our living room over our TV... and everyone that sees it comments on it. :) LOVE IT!

moosecraft said...

Love this pattern! And the way you hooked it looks so antique!

Michele said...

Wow! What a cute rug.....I love it :) I just don't know how to make rugs.....just quilts! Maybe someday :) So cute!