Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Witch's Day off: New punchneedle piece

I made this piece as a rug and the pattern is in my fall booklet. I thought it would be fun to try in a punch and this is the result.
She is taking the night off and hanging out with her friends;)
This piece is on ebay if you are interested in placing a bid.
The pattern for this piece is in my ebooklet, "Spellbound." You can link to my ecrater site in the left hand column.
Ebay Site

It does look good with my new displays. I am surprised the new outdoor berries are still there. I figured Dora would have played with them while I was sleeping, but she seems to be ignoring them luckily. If I catch her near them, I will have to take them out, I don't want her eating them. She does seem to like fake plants though, so I moved all those up higher.


JoJo said...

Debbie, this is such a darling autumn vignette. I often wish I could do something like this in my home but with 5 cats, there's always someone into something!

WoolenSails said...

It is hard with one cat, I can imagine with five, lol.
Dora gets into some things and leaves others alone, so I try to decorate around that. I am sure she will be a tree climber, so I may not do that this year.